16 February 2010

Racism and Pop Culture

Sometimes I watch Jay and have only this to say: YES.

I often have a hard time ignoring John Mayer. He is probably the biggest celebrity douchebag out there, a perfect storm of misogyny and racism. I agree with Jay that analyzing what a fucking asshole Mayer is isn't going to make systemic oppression change. However, it may make people stop buying his shitty music and then the world might be rid of one big-mouthed bigoted celebrity. That's fewer journalists for him to sexually harrass and fewer black actresses that have to read about how they're white enough for John Mayer to have sex with in Playboy. So, while I totally agree with Operation Ignore John Mayer, I implore you: don't give John Mayer money. If you must listen to his music, download it illegally.



Anonymous said...

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