07 February 2010


UPDATE: Tony Listi's racist ass article is now on the Maroon Weekly website. Enjoy.

Also, I didn't have the energy to deal with this gem from the same issue. It's a goddamn train wreck. The very first line lets us know that black people only exist in "the ghetto," and if you've never been there, then you don't know what black people are like. So, you know it's fucking genius.


Tony said...

You obviously are new to A&M. Red ass, red ass.

Courtney said...

No shit. And thank goodness, if being not new to A&M means being a racist.

Unknown said...

God, I'm disappointed at that website. The web designer needs to be...someone different.

Also, Courtney, I never tire of your rants. Never change.

Anonymous said...

what's an ass article