07 February 2010

The Economist has declared that feminists should shut up

All rejoice. The Economist finished their debate. And while those arguing for the "women have never had it so good" motion have been insisting that, no, they don't really mean women and feminists should stop agitating for equality, the moderator's final remarks prove that, yes, telling feminists to shut the fuck up is exactly what this whole debate was about:
But I think it also reflects a wider recognition that we live in a different world from the world that produced modern feminism, that women have been doing well for themselves over the past few decades, that they will do even better in the future and that progressive reformers might be better off finding other dragons to slay than the dying one of gender inequality.

Right. We (still) don't have equal pay, we live a world of misogyny and unapologetic sexism, one in six American women will be the victim of a rape or attempted rape in her lifetime (90% of rape victims are women), and complacency about sexism and the attitude that it isn't around anymore or a "big deal" is exactly why our girls are growing up in a world that encourages them to hate themselves, hate their bodies, and hate other women. So fuck you, Adrian Woolridge. And fuck you, the Economist, for thinking this debate was even close to a good idea.