14 August 2010

Weekend Update

Hey readers! I just wanted to let you know we're still alive. I took an unexpected road trip and Adrienne had her crazy birthday party, but we'll be posting again soon next week.

I was asked by the Guardian (yes, that Guardian) to write an article about cosplay for their Comment Is Free section. (They're paying me in pounds! I don't know how that works, but it feels so exotic.) I'll link it here on Monday when it goes live, so watch out for that!



Gemma said...

That's awesome- I gave them a link to your blog a couple of weeks ago and suggested they ask you to write something like that, because I was babbling about it and they actually thought it was a cool idea. I'm guessing you won't be angry at me for linking without permission :P

I also hope I'm not taking credit for something that turns out to be completely unrelated!

Courtney said...


Of course not! Link away!

And I do think you deserve the credit. The woman who contacted me said that she was directed here by someone. Thanks for that!

Pewter said...

Oh wow, that's awesome Courtney! I can't wait to read it

Almighty Tallest Purple said...

Speaking of random gushing, I wrote a mash note to you here:


That is all. *mwah*

Courtney said...

Pewter, it got moved to tomorrow, but I will definitely link it here! They're making me respond to comments, so I hope you guys all go over there and write smart things!

Aw, thanks, Nightsky!