26 August 2010

Guest post at The Rejectionist

I am just a linker lately. I have a guest post up (with an astoundingly long title) at The Rejectionist, talking about how one can be a feminist lady and a Victorian science fiction academic at the same time. My life is full of negotiations, it seems. So go read it! And if you don't read The Rejectionist already, you should. It's rather fab.

Also, the Daleks would have been so much scarier if they were more like the Martians in this picture. Machine bodies that aren't clunky! Creepy-ass tentacles that actually do things! Daleks would so get owned by the Martians.


annajcook said...

Clicking over to read your guest post now ... but I had to say re: Daleks that my girlfriend is a life-long Dr. Who fan (her father introduced them to her when she was a child) and she would definitely disagree on the scariness of the Daleks ... they terrified her as a child! But she does admit that they're a little more scary now that they've learned how to negotiate stairs :).