18 June 2011

Well, goddamnit.

So, I haven't been around. Again. I'm sorry about that. I promised you a Doctor Who post! And a Doctor Who post you shall have.

Right now, I'm looking forward to homelessness at the end of next month (assuming I can even pay my rent next month, and my electricity isn't cut off at the end of this one). So, I've been doing a lot of crying. And hoping I can ask friends for money instead of my mother, because she'll be just awful about it.

I told my friends I'm not moving to Austin after all because I met a boy, because it's partially true, and because "I'm too broke to eat, much less move" sounded so much more pathetic. I'm about to have a master's degree! I was supposed to be upwardly mobile. Instead I'm looking at poverty worse than when I was growing up. Thanks, graduate school.

So I've been doing a lot of crying and not a lot of writing. Doctor Who post on the finale of this season (because, dude, WHUT) and ALSO a post about my Gally costume and steampunk aesthetics (more exciting than it sounds!) super soon.


annajcook said...

*hugs* Courtney from a total stranger ... as a new graduate from a History/Archives course with a girlfriend who has the same, we're surrounded by folks in a similar situation as yours. Wish I could offer words of wisdom, but mostly just wanted to say unemployment isn't about who you are or even really your skill-set at this point. It's very luck of the draw! Hope things start looking up for you soon, and that you have folks around you who can help see you through until they do. I enjoy your posts and hope to see you back online when life rights itself a little.


Lance Hunter said...

Okay, two things...

1. I think the revelation at the end of the last Who episode was kinda obvious as soon after Day of the Moon. The only thing that's irked me so far is that The Silence haven't played a bigger part so far in this season (then again, I'm secretly hoping they have, as I'm hoping that Moffet ties this season together a bit more tightly than last season).

2. When it comes to steampunk aesthetics, I have just one question... Where are the shirtwaists? Given how almost-requisite they were during the era steampunk is copying, they are vanishingly rare among those who dress in a steampunk look.

Glad to read another post, and I hope that things get better for you soon.

Courtney said...

Thanks, Anna. *hugs*


I didn't mean the revelation by my "WHUT" comment. I meant more "Oh, I see. One more time to totally disempower Amy by refusing her control or even awareness over her body. Way to go, Doctor Who." That's what I was planning to blog about.

Well, steampunk isn't about "copying" anything, so I'm assuming shirtwaists don't speak to steampunkers like corsets, tight pants, and goggles do. Steampunk is about and interpretation, the idea of an era, not blind historical accurateness. That would be boring, and not very punk. :)