20 January 2011

Checking in.

Hey folks! I am, in fact, still alive, and plan to continue blogging. I've been feeling like I'm not being heard in my personal life lately, and I think that has contributed to this break in writing. But I am returning soon! With all my usual snark! Thanks to you folks who kept following me through the rough patch. I hope new-and-improved Courtney is worth the wait.


a. b. said...

Thank goodness! You need to write about the upcoming Alien prequel and how it will be awesome if Noomi Rapace gets the part.

Ryan said...

Does new-and-improved Courtney have cyborg implants?

I also found a book on how to make your own steampunk jewelry if you're interested.


Teddy Wilson said...

I'm looking forward to more post!

Anonymous said...

I hope that things settle down for you. Until then, my thoughts and best wishes are with you.

- Emily

Quyntyre said...

As a new fan (since about 2 months ago), I am happy you're coming back. You are a fantastic blogger!

I hope things pan out smoothly and positively for you. Good luck!