22 July 2010

Shameless promotion of Ryan's new blog

Hey all! If you enjoyed Ryan's first guest post, or are interested in anarcha-feminism, Ryan started a new blog on that very subject! A teaser:
Since governments have a monopoly on violence, throwing rocks would be like setting up a lemonade stand to try to put Capital One out of business. Education, aid, nurturing, blogging, all those unseemly, non-manly things will change the world more surely than additional violence. Someone may force us into a corner one day, but at this point, violence is our enemy just as much as those that would use it to own us.
And from his second post:
So many places paint anarchy as the first step to being a fugitive. And these aren't place that hate anarchists. They are websites like Crimethinc., where "the fight" comes dangerously close to being institutionalized, where the literature reads more like rules than guidelines, where being an anarchist means something rigidly spiritual. They are still accepting and nurturing of nonviolent thinkers, but violence is still very much an accepted part of the family.

For this reason, I was disillusioned. I didn't want to hurl bombs, break windows (much), or start riots. I also didn't want to just throw everything down and set off like some sort of pilgrim. I just wanted to learn, to educate, and create in a crazy, spontaneous way that speaks to me.
I'm very excited about this new project of his, so I hope you'll get over there and read his stuff!


Harriet J said...

Shit, yes!

I've recently been getting super disillusioned with a wide swath of what is considered feminism. I've been looking into feminism-with-an-adjective-attached, and was specifically curious about anarcha-feminism.

Shockingly, my local suburban library is not a hotbed of anarchist resources, so I've been trying to internet it. And while I've been able to find plenty of "and now for a token mention of anarcha-feminism!" resources on anarchist blogs, I haven't been able to find the all anarcha-feminism, all the time resource I've been looking for.

Thanks so much!