05 May 2010

Quick hits in lieu of me procrastinating via blogging

After the Rethinking Virginity conference over at Harvard, Lori put together 10 myths about sex and virginity and debunked them. My favorite is Myth #6: There's one universal definition of sex.

Amanda at The Sexist reminds us to check our privilege when facing slurs that compare us to other, more marginalized people. 
Listen: I’m a heterosexual cisgender thin able-bodied atheist white lady. If someone attempts to insult me by using a slur that’s offensive to gays, or trans people, or a racial group, or the disabled, or fat people, or a religious group, it’s unhelpful for me to respond by saying, for example, “That’s offensive to gays, and also, I’m personally offended that you would ever compare me to a gay person.”
That means you, US Airways.

Via Shakesville, John McCain is now officially against constitutional rights. But only if you did something illegal. And you're brown.
"Obviously [Mirandizing attempted Times Square car bomber Faisal Shahzad] would be a serious mistake...at least until we find out as much information we have. … Don't give this guy his Miranda rights until we find out what it's all about."—Senator John McCain, arguing that an American citizen should not be read his Miranda rights, lest, I guess, he be accidentally afforded those rights. Or something.
 Melissa just isn't American enough to know that withholding rights from U.S. citizens is totally patriotic now.

And now, work to do! Seminar papers to write!


morecoffee said...

The funniest/hurtiest part of the McCain anti-Miranda debacle was when The Daily Show put clips of McCain saying no Miranda rights next to clips of Glenn Beck saying that all American citizens are entitled to Miranda rights because of the constitution -- yes, even those suspected of terrorism. So, that's Glenn Beck being rational and internally consistent, and John McCain being...disappointing, because I had some respect for McCain when he was a candidate. I think it's all cleared out now, though.