22 January 2010

Presidential search over. Regents pick some white guy.

Well, color me shocked. A&M replaced their first female and Latina president (whom, you'll recall, they rather shamefully and sketchily ran off) with an old white guy who wears bow ties every day. Way to show the world and your student body how committed you are to diversity, A&M. We got the message loud and clear.


Anthony said...

Murano did a shitty job in office and was picked simply because she was "diverse." (Female and foreign? What a double threat!) How about we worry about picking someone based on their qualifications and performance rather than the color of their skin? Oh shit I guess that doesn't apply if that person happens to be a white male.

Loftin did a fantastic job as interim president, and that's half the reason he was chosen to assume the permanent presidential duties.