04 September 2010


Gayle's pictures of her adorable cat playing in the sheets inspired me to show you my babies, since I never have. Here's Captain Pusspants, my big squishy:

Get that camera out of my face, woman!

I love books.

The desk is where kitties belong.

Lucy (short for Lucilla Marjoribanks) doesn't like me taking pictures of her.

Hi there.


Gayle Force said...

Oh, I love that last picture. Lucy, is all: FINE, SIGH. Your cats are gorgeous!

And yes, the kitties do belong on the books. This is my cats' belief, too. Especially when the books are open and in front of me, and I am trying to read them.

Courtney said...

Pusspants thinks that books are there specifically for him to rub REALLY HARD with his face, so they'll get knocked out of the way and we get to what's really important, like petting him.

Kara said...

I think everyone has kitties except for me. I'm beginning to miss having a kitty around. I should post pictures of other people's cats in my blog, since I have none of my own. Yep yep. That sounds like a good post for tonight.